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Did You Know?

Each year, more than 400,000 children experience Foster Care in the United States • 4,478 of those kids are in Arkansas • If one person from every 3rd church in America would take in a child, the foster care crisis would be solved.

Who We Are:

We are a faith based, private placement agency that is looking for families to partner with in our community who are interested in impacting the lives of youth in foster care in a very real and personal way.

Your Role:

Foster parents provide a safe loving home for a child in need.  We have many options for fostering that include temporary/emergency placements, therapeutic foster care, campus foster care for large sibling groups, and traditional foster care.  

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“Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me.”

Mark 9:37 NLT

How are responsibilities divided between Second Chance Ranch (2CR) and the foster parent?

2CR will be responsible for supervision/accountability of the home and foster parents, all therapeutic services, maintaining up to date files on each family and child, training and supporting foster parents, determining which children are eligible for placement within the program, and payment distributions. Foster parents will be responsible for daily care of the child, completing periodic reports, providing and maintaining their own home, attending all training, attending all therapy and staffing meetings, medical care, and supporting student’s school requirements.

What kind of financial support will the foster parent receive?

Foster parents will receive a monthly board payment for each child in their home.  These rates vary depending on type of placement, but they are almost always higher than typical state board payment rates.

What locations do you serve?

Foster parents would be recruited within a 30-mile radius from the center of Bryant. Families need to reside close enough to our office in Bryant, Arkansas to receive emergency support, weekly visits from case managers, and to easily attend therapy appointments.

What is the process of opening the foster home like?

Each foster parent will need to attend 2-4 days of training (depending on type of placement desired).  They will need to provide several documents, such as marriage certificate, proof of home owner insurance, etc. in addition to completing required paperwork.  They will need to participate in two in depth home interviews and submit to the home study process.  Lastly, three reference forms will need to be completed; one must be a pastoral reference.

What kind of therapy will occur?

All therapy will be provided by 2CR’s clinical team. Therapy will be trauma informed, with an emphasis on TBRI techniques and Christian values. Each family will be assigned a therapist and a case manager. Sessions will be focused on checking the child’s stability, providing support and encouragement, and assisting in identifying interventions to help.  Additionally, the family or child will participate in occasional group therapy sessions with other families within the program. Finally, the therapeutic team (therapist, case manager, foster parent) will meet once per month for treatment planning.

What kind of support will the foster parents receive?

Each foster family will have the therapist and case manager’s number for emergencies. They will have support of the full team as needed and will be provided with ongoing training throughout the duration of their service. Additionally, our foster families are able to participate in regularly scheduled activities and parent’s nights out within our community.

What kind of families would be a good fit for the program?

Families that are flexible and committed to working through challenges work best with this program. Families need to have availability to spend a significant amount time working with their foster child to promote healing. Married couples should have a strong, stable marriage and work well at parenting together. Second Chance Ranch is a faith based Christian program, and all of our families will need to adhere to our code of ethical conduct, which includes a conservative Biblical approach to parenting.

Can foster families have other children in the home besides the foster child?

Yes – each family’s dynamic will be evaluated by the clinical team to ensure that adding a foster child to the mix will be healthy for everyone involved. Second Chance Ranch is committed to the idea that every child in the home must remain safe, healthy, and strong. Permittable family size will be determined based on the parent’s ability to adequately meet the needs of all children in the home.

What are the general requirements for applying to be a foster family?

-3 personal references (written letter and phone call), including one pastoral reference -proof of financial stability -clean, safe home with an extra bedroom -passion for helping foster children to heal from their past trauma -flexible schedule for at least one parent in the household -willingness to adhere to values and parenting strategies in keeping with the vision/training of 2CR


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