Second Chance Youth Ranch is a private placement agency, providing a community of homes for children and teens in foster care. Each child is welcomed into the home of a loving set of parents. Our primary focus is to reach the most vulnerable children in the foster care system.  We are passionate about serving those who have the biggest needs, including large sibling groups, teenagers, and children with therapeutic needs. 

Second Chance Youth Ranch consists of several individually licensed foster homes – some on our beautiful campuses and some dispersed throughout the community.  We are proud to partner with the AR Department of Human Services to recruit, train, and support foster parents and to help place children in the very best foster homes.


Working On Reunifications

We place top priority on restoring families; working with the family is the most important aspect of working with abused, neglected, and at-risk youth. The goal is to help children and families to heal and reunify. Our team works closely with family members to turn this goal into a reality.  Most children in foster care want to return to their families and their families want them home. However, many children cycle in and out of programs, facilities, and multiple foster homes with few resources dedicated to solving crisis in the family.  Connecting and engaging with the family is critical to reunification.

Working on Adoption

If the state has determined that reunification is not a safe possibility, then we will help to connect children with potential adoptive families. Every child is wanted and cherished, and every child deserves a family. We are proud to partner with local ministries that recruit and train potential adoptive parents. We regularly take our children to adoption events and help to connect them with families.

Long term connections

Although our focus is to help restore families, we recognize that some children will never be able to return home. Those children for whom parental rights have been terminated and adoption is not a viable option, we hope to provide a permanent home. We want to be that place that our grown-up kids bring their kids for Thanksgiving dinner. We hope to stand in the gap as the family for as long as our kids need it, or maybe even forever. In addition to being a loving home, we have many support services in place to help our kids succeed. Available services include: individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, parent education/support groups, case management, educational help and tutoring.

Community Involvement

We are actively seeking to partner with businesses, churches, and social organizations. Developing community-based coalitions improves our ability to address systemic issues affecting the family.  We would love to connect with your group and talk about ways that we can partner together to serve children in foster care and their families.

Second Chance Ranch has access to Bryant public schools and Arkansas Christian Academy. Each youth is assessed for the most appropriate academic environment to best meet the unique educational needs of each student. Bryant school district boasts student achievement scores surpassing state averages and offers many extracurricular activities/opportunities. Arkansas Christian Academy is the premier private Christian school in our area, combining high standards of academic excellence and solid Biblical values.


Our Homes

Campus Homes

Our campus homes are big and roomy, and they serve a big purpose…keeping siblings together in foster care.  Each home is an individually licensed foster home.  Foster parents are recruited from the community to serve as mom and dad to these large sibling groups.  Fostering brings about it’s challenges, and Second Chance Ranch partners with our foster parents to remove as many of these challenges as possible.  Our campus foster parents receive 24 emergency intervention services, board payments and generous stipends to help cover cost, free housing, free transportation, case management, and much more.

Community Homes

We have community homes all over central Arkansas.  These are the private homes of individual families that want to foster through our agency.  They receive training, ongoing support, therapeutic services, and licensure through Second Chance Ranch.


Our Staff

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Operations Directors

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Clinical Director

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Admin Assistant

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Foster Care Coordinator